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Get Your First Look at the 'DuckTales' Reboot

DuckTales (woo-woo) was easily one of Disney's most successful TV series of the 1980s and 90s. With its unforgettable theme-tune (woo-woo) and iconic characters, it was a childhood favourite of many at the time. The news that the series was going to be coming back was met with a cautious excitement (and lots of singing). Although the idea of it coming back sounds good, there was always the worry that they might mess it up. What if they even change the theme song?

Now the very first teaser image from the reboot has been released- via D23- and we have a better idea what to expect. And it looks... pretty freaking awesome actually. There had previously been some speculation that the series might be updated with 3D CG, whereas this first picture reveals this speculation to be unfounded, with this showing off a gorgeous 2D style. It's actually perhaps closest in style to the ace recent Mickey Mouse Shorts than anything else in Disney's current line-up.

In just the one image it nicely conveys the sense of adventure that was a strong part of the classic original (after all, they might solve a mystery or rewrite history). Ridiculously enough, there has been apparent complaints in some quarters that they have "forced" a female duck into the cast. These people seem apparently unaware that the character Webbigail was very much a part of the original show. Of course, just being in this debut image does not actually indicate how much she will be in the show itself- we won't know that until it airs. Still, it would seem like a sensible idea to give her a bigger role this time around and bring her more up-to-date.

The first look has got us pretty excited- how about you?  The new DuckTales (not pony tales or cotton tales) will air on Disney XD in 2017.

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