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Starburns Working on New Adult Animated Feature 'Bubbles'

No matter how you felt about Anomalisa, it was unquestionably a singular film. The combination of Charlie Kaufman's script and concept, and the stunning stop-motion animation from Starburns Industries resulted in a film that seemed like a one-off. Yet while Kaufman's flirtation with the medium of animation may be a one-time-only deal it seems that it for Starburns it could be just the beginning.

The concept being touted for the second adult animated feature is just as out-there as anything Kaufman could have dreamt up. Bubbles is a fictionalised biography of the chimpanzee of the same name- who was famously owned by Michael Jackson.

Told from the perspective of the chimp, the film will chart the course of his life with the controversial King Of Pop. The script was written by Isaac Adamson and topped the Blacklist,- the annual list of best unmade screenplays- in 2015. The script has been acquired by Starburns to be produced by Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon.

As with the earlier film, this is particularly interesting in that it wasn't written originally for animation. The project is being developed as a stop-motion feature, but whether it will be Duke Johnson- who co-directed Anomalisa- at the helm, remains to be seen.

This is an exciting prospect, as the elements that make Anomalisa such an acquired taste, are arguably down to Kaufman. So another Starburns adult feature- whether from Johnson or not- is very welcome indeed.