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Just Keep Swimming: The Latest 'Finding Dory' Trailer Arrives

Pixar's belated sequel Finding Dory will be swimming into cinemas before you know it- June in the US, and the following month in the United Kingdom. Eyes rolled when this sequel was announced, but many skeptics were likely won over by the early trailers, where the prospect returning to the world and characters of Finding Nemo proved impossible to resist. What's more, Pixar has screened some preview footage to some lucky souls, and the early word has proved incredibly positive.  Some have spoken of the emotional impact of the early scenes, suggesting that in Pixar sequel terms we're potentially looking at a film much closer to the Toy Story sequels than a Cars 2-style cash in.

The latest trailer is the longest yet and gives us our closest look at the story itself. We knew it involved the searching for Dory's  long lost family and answers from her mostly forgotten past. While the "Finding" of Dory seems to be much about finding her past as finding the forgetful fish herself, the trailer does reveal that Dory does manage to get herself Fishnapped as well along the way. While that might be a little too much like history repeating, it does lead us to the new location of the aquarium, which looks like it will be the setting for much of the film.

There's also the first chance to see some of the many brand new characters introduced- including an Octopus named Hank and a sea lion voiced by Idris Elba. There's some definite hints of the emotional impact that this film is likely to have here too- scenes featuring a younger Dory are looking particularly likely to pluck the old heart strings. It's a good thing nobody can tell when you're crying underwater.

Even if the story doesn't work for you somehow, this is definitely going to be a visual treat. Based on the trailer alone, this is going to be a showcase on just how much Pixar has advanced technically in the years since the 2003 original.

If you can watch this latest trailer and still can't feel any excitement for this, then your heart has probably been replaced by a halibut. Check out the trailer below.

Finding Dory will hit cinemas on June 17th 2016, and in the UK July 29th.