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Web Animation Watch 'Game Master: R-Type': , 'Dragons', 'Space James' and more

The internet has done great things for animation. It's made it easier for animators to get their work out there than ever before. But with so much stuff out there, how are you supposed to know what's worth watching?  Good thing that Web Animation Watch is here to help once more!

If you've made something that you think would be a good fit for a future installment, drop us a line and let us know.

The genius Paul "Otaking' Johnson who was behind the 80's anime style Star Wars Tie-fighter fan animation, has teamed up with Channel 4's Mashed to create this awesome homage to classic arcade game R-Type. Also functioning as a love-letter to 90s anime, it features a modern gamer sucked into the world of the videogame. It's a fantastic piece of work that will impress you even if you don't get all the references. The Game Master title and the end hint at the exciting possibility that this might be the start of a new series, with the characters hopping from one classic game to another. If so, we're definitely on board!

Staying in the videogame world, the third character short has been released for the forthcoming Overwatch. Ahead of the release of Blizzard's game later this month, Dragons is another impressive introduction to one of the characters of the game. Between them, these shorts have provided some of the best use of animation to promote a game that we've seen, and this short features perhaps the best actions scenes so far. Read Alex's review of the first short "Recall" here.

Prepare for extreme cuteness as Simon's Cat heads off into the outside world for a Field Trip.

Space James is the latest creation from the reliably entertaining Mr Weebl. The pilot for what will hopefully be a new series, Space James is "the universe's greatest Hero" -or, at least that's what he thinks. In this opener, he takes on the Duckulons.

A bit of a change of pace for this beautiful tale, Lacuna.  A finalist in the Student Film category in the New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards 2016, this is a gorgeous and moving short, that recalls nature-based animated movies such as Epic and Fern Gully The Last Rainforest.