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Two New Clips Preview 'Voltron Legendary Defender'

We are just a week away from the launch of the first season of the DreamWorks Animation robot reboot Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix. To build up anticipation even further, two new clips have debuted online, that give us the best idea yet of how the show is going to work. The pair of previews show us what looks set to be the two major styles the series will employ. The first shows us the mecha-action style. Using cel-shaded CG to bring the giant robots to life- and crucially for fans- featuring the iconic formation sequence. Based on this evidence, the show is looking like it is really going to deliver in the action stakes, while retaining a sense of the original's old-school charm.

The second clip however gives us more of a character-based moment, showing off the 2D animated character designs and anime-influenced animation style. It gives us a taste of the character dynamics between the show's protagonists and the performances given by the voice cast. While the earlier trailers were promising, these clips should reassure any hold-outs that this is not going to disappoint. No doubt there will be some fans of the original that will hate this merely for being an American-originated project, but for everyone else, this is looking pretty damn great. Check out the clips below.

Voltron Legendary Defender comes from Legend of Korra veterans  Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery and is produced by Avatar and Korra's Studio Mir. The initial 13 shows- including an hour long opening episode- will be available on Netflix everywhere from Friday June 10th.