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'Star Wars Rebels' Season 3 Trailer and Clips Arrive

Last weekend saw Star Wars Celebration, the largest regular event dedicated to the biggest franchise in the galaxy- which this time took place in London. Among presentations concentrating on various aspects of the Star Wars universe, the animated series Star Wars Rebels got its own dedicated panel.

During the panel a brand new extended trailer was unveiled for the upcoming third season, which was subsequently released online for everyone to enjoy. As well as continuing the story set up by the first two seasons, the big headline of the new season for many is the introduction of the character of Admiral Thrawn.

Hardcore Star Wars fans may know Thrawn as a significant character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This is significant, because after LucasFilm was sold to Disney, the entire Expanded Universe (which included various novels, comics and more) was declared to no longer be considered official cannon. Arguably this was a necessary move to give the writers of the new films the freedom to create the stories unconstrained by years of material, but left many fans disgruntled. Bringing a character from the EU into Rebels -which is cannon- proves they are willing to (occasionally at least) bring elements or characters over into the new continuity. An exciting prospect for the super-fan.

Fans of a certain other long-running Sci-Fi franchise might also get a kick out of hearing the voice of British actor Tom Baker crop up in this trailer. The one-time Doctor Who star has one of the most iconic voices in television, so it's fantastic to hear him here.

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will air on Disney XD in the US from sometime later this year. Watch the trailer below!

You can also check out a couple of extra clips from season 3 below.