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'Wreck It Ralph 2' Confirmed for 2018, 'Gigantic' Pushed back

He's gonna wreck it.. again! This time 'it' is apparently the internet, as the storyline of Wreck It Ralph 2 will see Ralph and Vanellope leave the Arcade to explore the wild world of the internet. While we've known for some time that a Wreck It Ralph sequel was in the works- via interviews with star John C Reilly and director Rich Moore- there has never been an official announcement before now. Via a broadcast on Facebook, Walt Disney Animation Studios finally confirmed the film is in production, and will hit cinemas in March 2018. The video even makes fun of the fact that Reilly "already announced it.. by mistake".

This time Moore will be co-directing with Phil Johnston (who was co-writer on the 2012 original). The video also confirmed that much of the cast from the original will be returning for this new adventure. Other than that, the rest of the plot remains under wraps for now. A fantastic piece of concept art has been released to accompany the announcement, which features Ralph wrecking the web- check it out below.

Although the online world will open up the story to exciting possibilities, we do hope that they don't lose sight of where the story begun. It would be a shame if they move too far away from the videogame world, as there is so much potential there that the original only really begun to scratch the surface of.

Wreck It Ralph 2 will be released in North America on March 9th 2018, which had previously been the release date for Disney's next fairy tale,-inspired flick Gigantic. The House of Mouse's take on Jack and the Beanstalk has now been shifted into a later release date, and will now arrive on November 21st 2018 instead.