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'Akira' Returning to UK Cinemas in September

Akira is an undisputed classic, loved not just by anime and animation fans but fans of sci-fi cinema in general. It also single-handedly launched the UK anime industry, as its success led directly to the establishment of Manga Video (as it was called then), the country's first dedicated anime distributor. In 2016, the company (now Manga Entertainment) remains the biggest dedicated anime label in Britain. It's been announced that to celebrate Manga's 25th anniversary Akira will return to the big screen this September.

The screenings will take place on September 21st, and will take in more than 70 screens nationwide. The complete list is below. Click here to buy tickets. The cinema screenings will be followed by a brand new 'Triple Play' home release in November that will include a Blu-Ray, a DVD and a digital copy.