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Glass Cannon Animations Unveils 'Tales From Coracle Lake'.

Glass Cannon Animations, an independent team of animators from Yorkshire, have made a bold new leap into the world of animation through the release of “Tales from Coracle Lake: The Search for Spring”. The film brings viewers back 8,000 years to the Mesolithic Era, at the time of the thawing of the icy tundra. The story follows a young girl, Mela, who explores the forgotten wilderness north of her homeland with her friends. While winter’s end threatens her group’s survival, Mela and her best friend Carr decide to find Spring and bring life back to their world.

Their animation is family-friendly and promises excitement and thrills, brought to life through hand-drawn animations. Through a collaboration with archaeologists from the University of York, the production studio has attempted to resurface a lost world, inspired by Star Carr, an archaeological site in North Yorkshire. Site director Prof. Nicky Milner explains, “The site is world famous in the archaeological world for the amazing range of artefacts it has uncovered and the insights into the Mesolithic period that it gives. One of the most amazing artifacts are incredibly rare headdresses made out of red deer skulls thought to have been used in shamanic practices. The site has captured the public imagination and has been featured on a number of television programmes, and in newspapers and magazines.”

The trio of animators at Glass Cannon Animation have created independent works for the past four years, receiving recognition at film festival across Europe. They have now teamed to create an animated feature film set in an ancient era of human history. As Richard Jacobs, Head of Animation, explains, “We have yet to see a film that portrays prehistory with any degree of accuracy, and we want to set a high benchmark for stories set in the Mesolithic. That said, we don’t believe the story needs to be bogged down by the facts either; the immersive and beautiful world speaks for itself, giving us the opportunity to tell a world class story.” The project is near its completion, and the team is looking to fund a short proof-of-concept film, giving audiences a taste of the adventure that “Tales from Coracle Lake: The Search for Spring” will deliver.

Lisa Power from Glass Cannon explains, “We know this is a huge project, but we are ready to bring our experience into one feature piece which will be our sole focus at Glass Cannon for some time to come. We believe in the story and the setting, and are dedicated to telling our story on a global stage.” Find out more about Glass Cannon Animations.