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Kickstart This: 'Gone In A Flash'- A Documentary

Here at AFA, we've always been big supporters of the independent web animation scene. Our Web Animation Watch feature attempts to regularly highlight some of the incredible work being done by some of the most talented independent animators out there. This scene had to start somewhere though- and it goes back to the very early days of the internet. If you've been online long enough you may remember names like Joe Cartoon, Jim Choma and David Firth- some of the first few breakout Flash animation stars.

Now a new documentary aims to tell their story. Gone In A Flash, now on Kickstarter is a documentary film based around this early "punk rock" era of online animation.  Writer/director Justin Zimmerman plans to interview several luminaries of the scene and document this rarely discussed slice of internet history.

As the filmmakers put it:

"There was a time when there was literally NOTHING worth watching on the internet. Then a group of diverse, talented and completely independent creators started making and distributing animated work. These pioneers revolutionized the idea of digital content, got more attention than any major brand (we're talking hundreds of millions of viewers) and did it all with a punk rock attitude. Gone In A Flash is their story, brought to life in documentary form. 

The project is seeking $45,000 and runs until September 18th, 2016. A pledge of $10 will get you streaming access to the finished film,  $25 a DVD or $30 a Blu-ray copy.

Visit the KS page now to find out more or pledge your support.