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An Evening With Henry Selick

What is the best way to start off October? You spend a night with THE Henry Selick! Thanks to GLAS Animation and their sponsors, one of them being Downtown Independent Theater for making this happen. It was a magical experience.

Not only did we have a chance to see his past work, they held a Q&A and we got to ask him questions and he had good responses. Henry Selick talked about how he started his career, how he got into these projects, and where he's headed. If you're a fan of his or just animation like me, you might have been familiar with The Shadow King back in 2013. We got a chance to see some clips which immediately drew me in. Selick gave us more information on what happened as well as his experiences as a director.

He definitely makes it a point on how much he loved directing  The Nightmare Before Christmas since he had the most creative freedom in it. He admits he was spoiled with that movie because he was limited with his creativity when it came to his previous movie James and the Giant Peach, (it is one of my personal favorite movie but then I love all his movies). He loved the underwater sequence and I agree that it's the best scene in the movie.

Moving on to Coraline, it was the middle ground compared to his previous films. It was the perfect amount of creative freedom and collaborating with the team. Back to "The Shadow King", we saw a couple of clips. I don't think I'm allowed to give out full details but will say that Disney should rethink their decision.

Fear not, for we still have something to look forward to. Most of you will remember that he's working on a new project called,  Wendell and Wild. We haven't gotten much information other than it's still in production.

Finally, we all got the chance to meet him up close and take photos with him. I admire his sense of humor! My sister told him a short funny story and we went on about admiring his work because who wouldn't do that? His movies are unique and truly magical. One regret I have is not bringing something better for him to sign! Maybe next time? This is all I could say about this event. It was a fun but short event. (Note: Please excuse my weird face! Also, I was on my toes because I am short, haha!)