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Kickstart This: 'Mecha-Ude'

One of the major advantages of crowdfunding is its international nature. Creators can connect with potential fans from all around the world and reach a much wider audience. It has meant that anime fans outside Japan can get directly involved for the first time, and help to make sure that the kind of shows or films they want to see get made. Which brings us to Mecha-Ude (aka Mechanical Arms) an exciting looking new sci-fi project now seeking your help.

Mecha-Ude is the story of a 16-year-old boy who has a powerful sentient mechanical arm that lives inside his hoodie. He encounters others with Mecha-Udes of their own, including the female lead- a feisty girl with a mecha-ude living inside her skirt. Not everyone with their own Arm is so friendly, however, and our heroes find soon themselves facing off against powerful foes.

Mecha-Ude is an original concept from Sae Okomoto, animator and self-confessed "geek girl". In the pitch video she reveals her personal story and how the project came to be based on her own experiences. Okomoto recounts how the unexpected reaction to her first personal project had affected her and prevented her creating more works of her own.. until now.

This looks to us like a really fun concept, something like a cross between Transformers and Parasyte. The animation and design showcased in the video is really impressive and mark Okomoto out as an up and coming talent to watch.

The project is seeking $25,000 by November 5th 2016. The funds are to be used to hire more staff in order to create a pilot film of  25 minutes, with the hope to turn it into a series. $25 will snare you an Early Bird digital download (limited to 300 backers, or $29 thereafter).

If you're interested in helping make this a reality, head over to the campaign page now.