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'Klonoa' Animated Movie Announced

This year animated movies based on popular videogame franchises have had a mixed time of it. Ratchet and Clank sank without a trace, but  The Angry Birds Movie cleaned up, raking in more than $345 Million worldwide.  Games have a large inbuilt audience, so it's no wonder that studios keep trying to turn that into box-office gold.

The latest games franchise to be headed to the big screen is the Namco Bandai platform-game franchise Klonoa. The Klonoa games first appeared on the original PlayStation back in 1997 and featured a lovable feline hero with magical ears, and the ability to travel into dreams.

The movie is being produced by the new US-based studio Henshin, from a script by Hitoshi Ariga -who produced a comic adaptation of the series for the now-defunct webcomics site Shiftylook, as well as designs for several Pokemon anime series and games. It will be produced by Henshin's founder and Shiftylook veteran Rob Pereyda. Other details are to be announced.

Klonoa may not have quite the name recognition of  Mario or Sonic, but the franchise still brings back warm memories for many. Henshin will be hoping this film will draw those fans in, as well as introducing this loveable character to a whole new generation.

More than that, this is another interesting example of what seems to be a growing trend for anime international co-productions. With things like this and Children Of Ether in the works, this is certainly looking like an interesting new era for international animation.