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GKIDS Acquires 'My Entire Highschool Sinking Into The Sea'

GKIDS are best known for bringing the best in animation from around the world to the North American audience- whether it's from Japan, France, Ireland, or elsewhere. Their latest pick-up is something a little different- an independent American feature that goes by the memorable title of My Entire Highschool Sinking Into The Sea.

The film played earlier this year at Toronto International Film Festival and New York Film Festival, as well as a number of other festivals on the circuit. It marks the directorial debut of Dash Shaw,  previously known as a comic book artist and writer and the author of acclaimed graphic novels including New School and Cosplayers. Shaw acted as director, writer and animator on the project which is made using a mixed-media animation technique, employing drawings, paintings and collage.

As the title implies, the plot crashes together the high school movie and the disaster movie genres, to tell the story of a group of friends trapped in a school that is quite literally sinking into the sea. Shaw was able to assemble an impressive voice cast too, with Jason Schwartzman, Maya Rudolph and Reggie Watts in the lead roles, supported by Lena Dunham and Susan Sarandon. 

David Jesteadt, GKIDS' SVP of Distribution said  "when we first saw this audacious genre-bending film, we had grins plastered on our face from start to finish. In a time when it seems like we could all use a laugh, we are proud to play a part in bringing such a unique vision and sweetly funny film to audiences nationwide."

The film is set to open theatrically in "Late Spring" 2017.