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Kickstart This: 'Black Holes': The Series

Black Holes is a short animation that premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The short was made as a proof of concept for a potential series- and now the team at Noodles Studios has launched a Kickstarter to make that series a reality. It's a quirky sci-fi sitcom for adult audiences that follows the first manned mission to Mars.

The series centres around an astronaut named Dave who is charged with heading up the crucial mission- alongside a sentient Melon, (yes, you read that right) alongside a cast of other quirky characters. The impressive voice cast features William Fichtner, Steve Little and Conrad Vernon.

The initial $100,000 will be enough to create a single 22-minute episode. Additional funds will be put towards the remaining episodes (10 are planned in the first season in total). Stretch goals even include plans for a Virtual Reality experience based on the series. The project page explains:

  "If we go beyond this initial goal, we’re committing to produce and release a new episode every $100,000. If we reach 200K we will produce 2 episodes, if we reach 300K we will produce 3 episodes, and so forth. This is a very ambitious challenge--100K for 22 minutes of animation is dirt cheap. But we’re ready to take on this challenge with you because making this series is our absolute dream."

Rewards start at $5, with a $35 pledge getting you access to the first season in VOD.

The best advert for the campaign is the short itself... which has been released publicly online to coincide with the launch of the kickstarter. You can watch it below:

Black Holes from NOODLES on Vimeo.

The campaign runs until March 28. Find more details and get involved here.