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Shout Factory Pick Up "In This Corner Of The World" for US.

In This Corner Of The World was one of the most acclaimed anime films released in Japan last year, winning a nomination for the Japan Academy Prize among various other plaudits. The global rights are held by UK-based Animatsu, who have shopped the rights around to distributors in other territories. It has now been announced that the film will be coming to the US and Canada this summer, thanks to Shout Factory.

In This Corner of The World is based on the manga of the same name, and is set in World War II-era Japan. It shows events from the perspective of a young woman named Suzu, who moves to a village near Hiroshima to live with the family of her new husband. It was written and directed by Mai Mai Miracle's Sunao Katabuchi.

Shout Factory has obtained the theatrical, video on demand, digital, broadcast and home video rights to the film. The distributor seems to be showing more of an interest in independent animation lately, having also released Long Way North last year. The theatrical release is set for sometime in the summer, with other platforms coming later.

The international roll-out will take place in earnest this year, starting in the UK, France and South America. We will bring you more details on the release as soon as we can- as this is one film we are certainly keeping an eye on.