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' Song Of The Sea', 'Danger Mouse' and More Win Irish Animation Awards

March 24-25 saw the fifth annual Animation Dingle Festival, one of Europe's leading celebrations of the best in animation.  This year's festival included exciting screenings and well as events such as an in-progress presentation for Cartoon Saloon's The Breadwinner and speakers including Dean DeBlois , Ed Hooks and Walt Disney Animation Studios VFX supervisor Kyle Odermatt. It came to a head with the second Irish Animation Awards.

The best in Irish animation was celebrated across 12 categories. This year's nominations were led by Boulder Media with eight nominations and Cartoon Saloon with five. Ultimately though, they took home two each with Boulder winning for Go Jetters and Danger Mouse, while Cartoon Saloon won for Puffin Rock and Song Of The Sea. In the other categories, the winners were spread fairly evenly, so there were awards for JAM Media, Wigglywoo and Brown Bags Films

Check out the full list below!

Best Animated Preschool Series (up to 6 years)

  • Lily’s Driftwood Bay – Sixteen South Production Team
  • Little Roy – JAM Media Production team
  • Puffin Rock – Maurice Joyce: Director

Kids Choice Award for Best Animated Series

  • Danger Mouse – Peter Lewis
  • Roy– JAM Media Production team
  • Wander over Yonder – Peter Lewis: Producer, Gillian Comerford: Director, Pete Slattery: Animation Director

Best Animated Short Film

  • City of Roses – Andrew Kavanagh: Director
  • Geist – Alex Sherwood: Director, Ben Harper: Director, Sean Mullen: Director
  • Second to None – Vincent Gallagher

Best Writer for Preschool Animation (up to 6 years)

  • Doc McStuffins: Welcome to McStuffinsville – Chris Nee, Kent Redeker
  • Octonauts: The Great Swamp Search – Stephanie Simpson
  • Puffin Rock: The First Snow – Davey Moore, Sara Daddy

Best Writer for an Animated Series

  • Brain Freeze: (DNA): Is Every Human Being Unique? – Colm Tobin & Aidan O’Donovan
  • Roy: Karma Chameleon –  Dave Rice
  • Roy: ROY 2.0 – Mark Hodkinson

Best VFX as part of Animated TV Series or Film

  • Brain Freeze – Ian Benjamin Kenny
  • Go Jetters – Rob Fletcher, Mario Bortas, Rodrigo Rocha
  • Wander Over Yonder – Peter Lewis: Producer, Gillian Comerford: Director, Deirdre Behan: FX Lead

Best Animation for Apps and Gaming

  • Her Majesty’s SPIFFING – Production Team, William Barr & Alan Martin
  • The Little Acre – Pewter Games Production Team
  • Little Roy’s Wonder Doodler – Niall Mooney: Director, Will Wivell: Animator

Best Design / Art Direction

  • Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes – Ian Benjamin Kenny
  • Octonauts – Stephen O’Connor‘
  • Puffin Rock – Lily Bernard, Stefano Scapolan

Best Director of an Animated TV Series

  • Danger Mouse – Rob Cullen
  • Lily’s Driftwood Bay – Tim Harper, Colin Williams
  • Little Roy – Alan Shannon

Best Animation

  • Puffin Rock – Animation Team
  • The Day Henry Met a Camera – Gilly: Director, Susan Broe: Producer, Andrew Dawson: Animation Director
  • Two by Two – Oops! The Ark Has Gone – Moetion Films Animation Team

Best Music/Sound Design

  • Brain Freeze – Stephen Kelly, Steve Lynch & Giles Packham
  • Danger Mouse – Dominic Lawrence: Supervising Sound Editor & Dubbing Mixer, Sol O’Carroll: Sound Editor, Andy Kirwan: Sound Editor
  • Go Jetters – Carl Cullen: Supervising Sound Editor & Dubbing Mixer, Edward Costello: Sound Editor

Best Irish Feature Film or Special

  • Song of the Sea – Tomm Moore
  • Two by Two – Oops! The Ark Has Gone –  Moetion Films Team
  • Wander over Yonder: My Fair Hatey – Producer: Peter Lewis, Director: Gillian Comerford, Animation Director: Pete Slattery/Stephen McGann