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The First Trailer For Pixar's 'Coco' Is Here

We've been following Pixar's next original movie since it was known as "Untitled Dia de Los Muertos Project". The new film from Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich- now known as Coco- is due to hit cinemas in the US this Thanksgiving. Gradually, we've heard more and more details about this "love-letter to Mexico". Now, with the release only months away, we get out first look at the film in motion, as the first teaser has been released online.

We're introduced to our lead Miguel, a young boy who dreams of making music. We see him practicing guitar, surrounded by a shrine to his late musical hero Ernesto de la Cruz. We've heard music will play a big part in the film so it makes sense to base much of this teaser around exploring Miguel's connection with it. 

Another big part of the film is set to be the supernatural element. We get to get a taste of this when Miguel sneaks off to play de la Cruz's legendary guitar, and unwittingly crosses over into The Land Of The Dead.

The trailer features gorgeous animation- as you would expect from the folks at Pixar. Miguel looks sure to be an endearing lead, and it appears the film-makers have pulled out all the stops to beautifully recreate his homeland.  Our brief look at the world beyond our own promises that we're going to be getting some pretty spectacular imagery in the afterlife too. Then there's Miguel's canine companion, who we can already tell is going to be a fan favourite! 

Comparisons with the similarly themed The Book Of Life are inevitable, and there is definitely some imagery here that isn't going to help dispell them. Given the long development process of animated films however, it's not uncommon for films with similar concepts to simultaneously be in development, without one being a rip-off of another.

Coco will hit cinemas in the US on November 22nd 2017, with the UK release following on December 1st. Check out the teaser below!