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Women in Animation 50/50 By 2025

Women in Animation at CTNX 2015. 
To kick off Women's History Month, I would like to announce that we are beginning a new weekly feature here at Animation For Adults. Many of you are familiar with the popular hashtag, Woman Crush Wednesday, and keeping in trend with that we are starting Women Crushing It Wednesday! Each Wednesday starting this month, we will be writing up an article featuring a woman in the animation industry. To start though, we would like to bring to take a look at a travesty that continues to plague the animation industry and the organization that is vigilantly working to have it corrected. This plight of course is the easily visible gender gap of creative employees in the animation industry.

According to Women in Animation, an organization founded in 1995 dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation, only 20% of creative jobs in the animation industry were held by women as of 2015 even though 60% of animation students are women. In a role by role break down, 23% of women work in animation, 21% in art and design, 17% in writing, and a measly 10% as producers and directors. Comparing to 2006 where 16% of creative jobs in animation were held by women, there has only been a 4% increase for women in approximately nine years. 

With this information in hand, Women in Animation has made it its mission to close the gender gap by 2025 with a goal of an equal 50/50 gender representation in the animation industry by that year. Actions they have taken in reaching this goal include hosting panels featuring women in the industry, mixers for networking, screenings, and a mentorship and scholarship program. The Women in Animation Mentorship Program seeks to pair new animation professionals with experienced women in order to develop them both in their skills and professionalism. The Phyllis Craig Scholarship, established in honor of the organization's founding member, annually awards a $1000 scholarship to a deserving female animation student. 

Women in Animation is always looking for new members, including professionals, students, and enthusiasts. You can also support the organization by signing the pledge for 50/50 by 2025. Representation is important in the entertainment industry, and for us animation lovers it is especially important to see it in the animation industry. Take a moment to check out this wonderful organization and be sure to support Women in Animation as they continue to strive towards their goal of 50/50 by 2025. We here at Animation for Adults believe it is an important and achievable goal that we whole heartedly support!