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Kickstart This: 'My Moon' Animated Short Film

My Moon is a seven minute animated short that tells the story of the Earth (personified as a fairy like woman) as she balances her relationships with both the Sun and the Moon. The film and its story is a passion project of Eusong Lee, a LA-based director and art designer for both music videos and television (for companies such as Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. Animation, just to name a few).

Despite working full time on a number of different projects, Eusong states that he never stopped creating his own stories, and illustrations for his personal projects. Along with his the support of his dedicated crew, Eusong has chosen to dedicate all of his time and energy to transform the story of 'My Moon' into a fully realized 2D animated short film. A film that hopes to depict the emotional struggle between these celestial bodies of the universe from a human-like perspective.

Not only does this project have a very beautiful illustrative look but the character design and completed animation have a soft charm that really helps the material stand out. Even at such early stage in the film's development.

Those who support the project to reach its $50,000 goal will gain a variety of different perks. $25 backers receiving an HD download of the completed film (before the film even hits the festival circuit) along with a sticker packet and a Thank you poster. Perks for some of the higher tiers include: digital/physical art book, soundtrack (composed by David Kamp), a spoken line in the film, an original painting from the director or custom design of a clothing article/accessory of the backers choice. All of the physical perks are listed on the official Kickstarter page, along with the estimated timeline of the projects completion and a diagram of the budget distribution. Funding an animated project via Kickstarter comes with many challenges but it can also creates an avenue for creators to share their dream projects with the world. To share their work that inspires others who, in turn, support the creators to fulfil a mutual dream.

Check out the official 'My Moon' KS page to find out more or pledge your support!