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New 'Ghost In The Shell' Anime On The Way

Things aren't looking too good for the Hollywood adaptation of Ghost In The Shell right now. Whether due to the whitewashing controversy, mixed-to-negative reviews or general audience disinterest, it's so far failed to live up to expectations. Unless it proves to be a major blockbuster in Japan and China, right now it's looking like a bit of a turkey. The failure of the US version won't do anything to derail the original franchise though- as it's been confirmed a new anime is in the works.

Production IG will produce the new project in association with manga publisher Kodansha. Kenji Kamiyama, director of the GITS: Stand Alone Complex TV series will be co-directing alongside Shinji Aramaki (director of the recent CG Appleseed movies).

Other details are yet to be confirmed. The most recent anime release in the franchise was a continuation of the Arise reboot.. will this new anime take place in this same continuity? Or could it be a continuation of the classic SAC universe that fans have been clamouring for, for years? Could it even be a yet another, fresh take on Masamune Shirow's original manga?

It's also not clear as yet whether it will be a movie, TV series or an OAV. Aramaki's involvement will probably stoke speculation that this could be a 3D CG movie, in the style of the recent Appleseed movies (which were also based on the work of Shirow) and Harlock Space Pirate. More news on this as it develops.