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'Deadpool' Animated Series In The Works

If ever there was a comic-book character who was tailor-made for animation, surely it's Deadpool. The wise-cracking, fourth-wall-breaking antics of The Merc With The Mouth have always had a sort of Looney Tunes feel to them, making them prime fodder for animation. Now, in the wake of the success of the live-action movie, it seems an animated Deadpool series is headed to FXX.

The series will be created by Donald Glover and his brother (and Atlanta collaborator) Stephen Glover. The pair will also serve as writers, showrunners and executive producers on the project, which is expected to air in 2018.

The first season will be 10 episodes and is being produced by Marvel Television, FX Productions, and ABC Signature Studios. It will continue the relationship between Marvel and FX that began with this year's hit series Legion.

FXX is a relatively new network, but is working hard to establish itself as a big player in adult animation. A Deadpool series would seem to fit the bill perfectly, as it should neatly combine action and comedy elements, fitting in neatly with the likes of Archer.

If you've seen Atlanta, you'll know that the Glover brothers are extremely talented writers. Admittedly. this is very different territory but Donald's geeky credit and Marvel fan status are without question. This is the guy, after all, who a few years back campaigned (unsuccessfully) to land the role of Spider-Man. We think it's pretty clear that this is in safe hands.

No voice actors have been announced as yet, and we don't know how this may or may not relate to the movies (or the wider Marvel universe).  We're looking forward to finding out, though! Are you excited? Let us know in the comments or via our social media channels!