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Web Animation Watch: Music Video Special Volume 2

The internet opened up new possibilities for animators. It has never been easier for animators to get their stuff out there for a potentially huge audience to see. The only problem is.. with such a huge amount of material out there, how are you supposed to know what's worth your precious time? That's where our regular Web Animation Watch comes in. We trawl the internet to bring you the best stuff out there, old and new.

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This is the second part of our spotlight on the art of the animated music video! You can also find part one here.

We've been keenly following the career of Eric Power (aka Eric Powerup) since we saw his independent animated feature Path Of Blood. His latest work is a fantastic music video for the track Towards The Sky by Wiretree. Made using his trademark cut-out style, this has a slightly melancholic, dreamy atmosphere that complements the track perfectly. Wonderful stuff.

Wiretree - Towards the Sky from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Xeth Feinberg was one of the break-out talents in early web animation, working on popular series such as Queer Duck. These days he can be found hanging around his own channel Distractionland where as well as creating his own original animation he produces music videos from time to time- such as this track from The Divisionists, called Say Can You.  See more of Xeth's music videos here.

You don't need to know anything much about videogames or Battlefield 1 to appreciate this new track from Weebl's Stuff. Made to commemorate the addition of the French forces to the game, it's as catchy and funny as you would expect from a  Mr Weebl tune. Vive La France, indeed!

From Serbia, comes this stylish video from writer-director Davor Sopić. featuring designs and art from Dragan Jovanović. Even more impressively, Davor and Dragan are also members of  Nezni Dalibor- the band who provide the music  Set in a dystopian future, a young girl named Alex fights against an evil corporation. Featuring a fantastic comic-book look, and the apparent influence of the likes of Akira and Ghost In The Shell, this combines 2D and 3D animation to great effect. The video was produced over the course of 18 months.

Nežni Dalibor - Zauvek from Nežni Dalibor on Vimeo.

Rudo Co. produced this stunning video for Siames track The Wolf.  It works so well by using stark monochrome imagery for the most part- apart that is for the glowing red eyes of the titular beast. The wolves here have an unnerving supernatural dimension and show the unmistakable influence of Princess Mononoke. This kinetic thriller of a video shows how just how an animated music video should be done.