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'Song Of The Sea' VR Experience Now Available

One of the most exciting possibilities offered by Virtual Reality is the opportunity to step inside our favourite fictional worlds. It's an idea that will work particularly well with animated films or series. So what could be more exciting than entering the world of the instant classic that was Song Of The Sea?

Fan-made VR experiences have been made of some animated films, including one which allows you to enter recreations of key scenes from Studio Ghibli. This, however, is 100% official, made by Cartoon Saloon themselves.

The experience is described on the website:

We invite you to step inside the Song of the Sea virtual reality experience, inspired by our Oscar-nominated hand-drawn animated feature film ‘Song of the Sea’.
Immerse yourself in the film’s beautiful, expressive environments and meet the unpredictable, zany Storyteller himself!  Unravel the story of the Selkie and how the fate of all the faeries is connected to her own in this interactive narrative. 
Users can visit two different locations from the film - and can go swimming beneath the waves with Saoirse and the selkies, then follow Ben into the Storyteller's cave. For any fan of the film with access to VR equipment, this looks like a must have!

The Song Of The Sea VR Experience is available to download now on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. What's more, it's completely free! Check it out here.