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Watch The Intros For 'DuckTales' ,'Star Vs The Forces Of Evil' Season 3

Everything we've seen so far from the upcoming DuckTales remake has been very encouraging. It shows every sign that it will pull off the tricky task of appealing both to fans of the 80s original and a whole new audience. But one (relatively minor) question remained.  What about the beloved theme tune?

Disney have given us the answer, by releasing the opening sequence online- complete with a new rendition of the iconic tune. It's a new spin- this time performed by singer/songwriter Felicia Barton- but it's unmistakably DuckTales (woo-woo).

As for the intro itself, it's fantastic stuff. It brings back the sense of adventure from the original, while adding a visual style that calls back to Carl Bark's original Scrooge McDuck comics (which were the inspiration for the show in the first place). It also gives us more hints of what to expect from the show, including a look at the rogue's gallery of returning villains.

The new series is promising to be a step forward from the original in female representation, and the intro suggests this will go beyond a bigger role for Webby. Mrs. Beakley, Scrooge's housekeeper has also had a twenty-first-century makeover.. and it looks like she'll be getting in on the action this time.

DuckTales will kick off with a one-hour TV Movie that will air on Disney XD on August 12 in the US. Check out the intro below!

There's also a brand new poster for the series, which you can check out here:

Also fresh this week is the intro for the upcoming third season of Star Vs The Forces of Evil. The show is set to return on Disney XD on July 15, with the TV Movie The Battle For Mewni.