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'Your Name' UK IMAX Screenings Take Place August 23.

The success of Makoto Shinkai's Your Name has been nothing short of a phenomenon. A box-office success not only in Japan, but around the world, going on to become the most successful Japanese animated film internationally. Despite missing out on an Oscar nomination it has also won numerous accolades, including nominations for  The Annies, Japan's Academy Prizes and more. On the back of this success, the film is to return to cinemas in the United Kingdom this Summer- including in IMAX for the first time.

Your Name is a romantic fantasy about two Japanese teenagers who wake up to discover that they have mysteriously swapped bodies. It captivated audiences and attracted glowing reviews, including our own.

The film will open in IMAX on August 23, and will be subtitled only. There will also be additional screenings of the film on standard screens, both subtitled and with the English dub. Locations and additional dates are to be confirmed.

IMAX promises to show off the film's beautiful visuals as never before, so even those who are revisiting the film will get a unique experience. International hold-backs mean that the Blu-ray and DVD release is still some way off, and we won't see it before the autumn at the very earliest- it could even be next year. This could very well be your last chance to see it before then.