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Crowdfund This: "The Wrong Rock"

Animation has a long history of using allegory to reflect the issues facing our world. The most prominent recent example has to be Disney's Zootopia, which used talking animals to explore issues of prejudice and stereotyping. The Wrong Rock is a short film that will continue in this proud tradition.

The film will follow a Mushroom named Martin, who believes he was born on (you guessed it) the wrong rock.  "Martin the mushroom’s journey is an allegory for the underdog in all of us" writes director, Michael Cawood." Martin feels he belongs on another rock, but faces enormous obstacles to get there. Along the way he exposes the futility of bigotry, offering viewers a new perspective on the unity of life."

"The world needs positive messages during this tumultuous time, and the moral of our story is that "We're all on the same rock!” Despite our differences, we are in this together!"

Cawood has worked for Disney, Dreamworks and Fox as well as directing his own short Devils, Angels and Dating. He has assembled a team of talented filmmakers who between them have worked on a variety of animation, live-action movies and video game projects, using the collaborative platform Artella.

The project is seeking $15,000 and the campaign runs until August 16. There's a wide variety of perks including children's book, art books, T-shirts and animation assets. However, a pledge of just $7 will get you a digital download and access to behind the scenes content.

This looks like a charming story and has a message that we can really get behind. If you want to help Martin reach that rock, head on over to the IndieGoGo page today.

Check out some of the stunning concept art below. See more on the film's website.