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Out This Week: 'My Life As A Courgette', 'School Live' 'Escaflowne: The Movie' and more

Welcome to a brand new feature here on AFA where we run down the latest new animation releases available to buy. We will also sometimes include animation related titles, such as documentaries, adaptations or other films or series with a major animated component

All information correct to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change.

UK Releases: For September 18

A Certain Magical Index: The Movie- The Miracle Of Endymion (Manga Entertainment, 15) Feature-length spin-off of the popular anime series.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

Charlotte: Part 2 (Anime Limited, 15) Episodes 8-13 of the anime series. For the sake of his siblings, and to save every ability-wielder on Earth, Yu makes a momentous decision.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Collector's Edition

Danger Mouse: From Duck To Dawn (Universal, U) Halloween themed collection of episodes of the new BBC series featuring "the greatest secret agent in the world" (according to his theme song at least).

Escaflowne: The Movie (Anime Limited, 12) Standalone release for the feature-length adaptation of the classic series The Vision Of Escaflowne, previously available as part of the Ultimate edition.

God Eater: Part 2 (MVM Entertainment, 15) Warriors armed with giant weapons fight off alien creatures called Aragami in this anime from UFOtable.

My Life As A Courgette (ThunderBird Releasing,  PG) Claude Barras' Oscar-nominated, Cesar winning Stop-motion film is one of the year's best- check out our review here.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital

Spark (Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, PG) Monkeys in Space in this CGI family feature. features the voices of Patrick Stewart, Jessica Biel and Susan Sarandon.  Reviewed here.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital

US Releases for September 19

Monster Musume: Everday Life Life With Monster Girls Collector's Edition (Sentai) Limited Edition re-release.
FORMATS: Collector's Edition Blu-Ray

Matoi: The Sacred Slayer: Complete Collection (Sentai) Anime about a girl who becomes an exorcist.

Porky Pig 101 (Warner Archive Collection). 101 classic Porky shorts across 5 discs, plus special features, including commentary from Animation historian Jerry Beck on select shorts.

Ranma 1/2: OVAS and Movies Collection (Viz) Featuring all the OVA (Original Video Animation) and movie releases from the classic anything-goes martial-arts rom-com anime franchise in one box.

School Live: Collector's Edition (Sentai) Deluxe Limited Edition re-release for the one-of-a-kind slice-of-life meets zombie apocalypse anime series. Check out our review here.
FORMATS: Collector's Edition Blu-Ray

Starship Troopers: Traitor Of Mars (Sony, R) Shinji Aramaki's second CGI sequel to the 1998 Cult-classic (following Invasion), which sees Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer reprise their roles.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital