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Factory Appoints Zoë Bamsey Chief Creative Officer

Factory is one of the leading animation studios in the UK, responsible for series such as the new version of The Clangers, Strange Hill High and more. The BAFTA-winning studio produces animation in stop-motion, 2D and CG since its establishment in 2010, and has expanded to four sites. Much of what they have produced has been work-for-hire or in collaboration with other studios but they are looking to produce more in-house productions.

Now the studio has announced the appointment of Zoë Bamsey as their first Chief Creative Officer as they look to expand their move into more original content. Bamsey comes to the new role from Coolabi Group, who worked with Factory on The Clangers and Scream Street. Prior to that, she held a number of roles in The Walt Disney Company.

Bamsey said "I have greatly respected Factory as a partner, and their admirable formula of carefully curating unique and engaging properties and infusing them with creative passion and energy. I am excited to now be on board as a part of this great team to help them realise the tremendous opportunity of growing the company with an enhanced portfolio which will thrill and engage audiences globally."

Phil Chalk, Factory's CEO adds "Zoë has an undeniable track record in children’s entertainment and is the perfect person to help us achieve our ambitious growth goals.  Zoë stands for creative excellence and will be an ideal global ambassador for our studio."

Factory is already involved with some of the top animation being produced in the UK over the past few years. For them to push more into producing original works of their own can only be a good thing for the British animation industry- and for lovers of animation the world over. We'll be keeping a close eye on where things go from here!