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'Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie' Trailer Drops

Credit: Nickelodeon
On Friday, October 6, 2017, the full length trailer for the long awaited Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie dropped for excited audiences at New York Comic Con and internet-wide. The trailer revealed a great deal of what we can expect from the TV film set to air on Nickelodeon November 23, 2017 and has served to increase the hype for this film that has been waiting to be made for over ten years.

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie picks up right where the rightful series finale episode, "The Journal", left off back in 2002. After learning about how his parents met, his birth, and more on how his parents went missing on the anniversary of their disappearance, Arnold discovers a map of San Lorenzo in his father's journal which was their destination when their plane went missing. Craig Bartlett, creator of Hey Arnold!, has long stated that this was meant to lead into The Jungle Movie. After the poor performance of Hey Arnold!: The Movie at cinemas however, Nickelodeon opted to cancel The Jungle Movie and the series wrapped unceremoniously in 2004.

Arnold poses with his friends and family.
Credit: Nickelodeon
Thanks to a resurgence of interest in 90's cartoons, Craig Bartlett finally received his chance to bring The Jungle Movie to fruition and now we are only a month and a half a way from seeing his vision that he has long kept under wraps for this very moment. The trailer shows that after winning a class trip to San Lorenzo, Arnold packs up his father's journal in the hopes of utilizing the trip as a chance to find his parents. It appears that his class ends up in some hairy situations and that Arnold traverses the jungle away from the group with Gerald and Helga where he appears to find the Green Eyed people, the very people his parents left to help.

Francesca Marie Smith returns to voice the always boss Helga G. Pataki along with a multitude of  fellow returning cast members including Anndi McAfee as Phoebe Heyerdahl, Justin Shenkarow as Harold Berman, Dan Castallaneta as Grandpa Phil, Maurice LaMarche as Big Bob Pataki, Dan Butler as Mr. Simmons, Tress MacNeille as Grandma Pookie, and Olivia Hack as Rhonda Lloyd. There are also a couple of new voice actors stepping up in lead roles, including Mason Vale Cotton as Arnold and Benjamin Flores Jr. as Gerald.

No seriously, I need to know what happens with them!
Credit: Nickelodeon
Many questions are waiting to be answered from this film, such as are Arnold's parents actually alive? What is Arnold's importance to the Green Eyed people? What is Arnold's last name? Most importantly are Arnold and Helga going to happen?! The answers will certainly be revealed in this film, but we must be patient for them. Which is really hard to do after being patient for over ten years! Anyways, check out the trailer below as well as the additional trailer Nickelodeon placed online. Move it, football head!