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Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

Jettomero is not your everyday giant robot. When he wakes up on an isolated planet, he discovers he cannot remember his function or who built him. Curious, he begins to explore the planets around him. Finding small civilizations being “terrorized” by monsters. With no else to help, Jettomero takes it upon himself to become the hero of the galaxy. However, if he isn't careful, he may end up causing more damage than the monsters he has set out to stop.

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is a 3D adventure game developed by Ghost Time Games. Gabriel Koenig (founder of Ghost Time Games ) acted as director/lead developer. Jettomero was created using the Unity 3D game engine and was released on September 15th, 2017. Thanks to the success of the game's Kickstarter campaign, the game was released on multiple platforms.

Video games don't always have to be an adrenaline rush or be a vehicle of some grand story. Sometimes they can just be a way to tune out the hardships of the day and relax. One of my favorite games of all time, Journey, is one such game. No matter how hard of a day I've had, I can always turn it on and expect to be sufficiently calm by the time I turn it off.

Jettomero, in its own strange way, is very similar in that regard. Perhaps it is the eye-popping comic style art or the chill sci-fi soundtrack but Jettomero seems to find the right combination of elements to make it an easy game to play and relax. With a little fun narrative on the side.

How does the gameplay tell the story?

The story, for what it is, is very piecemeal. The real focus of the game is exploring the procedurally generated planets that populate the various galaxies Jettomero can travel to. Some are large with barren deserts or large lakes. Others are tiny but full of large skyscraper buildings with a large military presence.

Players guide Jettomero to explore these celestial bodies, as he clumsily stomps his way around the planet's surface. Looking for goodies such as fuel (which is required in order to fly) and pieces of equipment to customize Jettomero to your liking. Occasionally, Jettomero will run into large monsters that he will need to defeat in order to save the planet (done through a very stylish eyebeam struggle) in order to move on to the next plot point. Which involves Jettomero slowly recovering bits of his memory (through word puzzles) and how he is tied to the fall of humanity.

But what makes Jettomero entertaining is not really the mystery of what happened but more how the games' protagonist reacts to this new information. Regardless of how you customize him or play, Jettomero is a kind and thoughtful robot. Wanting to do good more than anything else. He may not always understand what constitutes right and wrong, but his enthusiasm is endearing nonetheless.

What makes the Animation Unique?

Arguably, one of Jettomero's most appealing features is the art style. If you are fond of the classic comic book look, full of bright colors and thick lines, then Jettomero is definitely the game for you. Personally speaking, I love how the use of light demonstrated in Jettomero.

The location of the sun/closest star is the galaxy you are exploring, is reflected on the planets visited. Some are more in shadow others are bright and colorful. This really brings out the color scheme and makes the settings seem all the more authentic. Better yet, Jettomero's walking animation does a good job to sell players on his clumsy nature.

What are the flaws/problems?

As I said before this is a VERY slow paced game. Some might enjoy this as a way to relax, others may find it boring and uninteresting.

The same double-edged sword also applies to the visual style, while it is visually striking, it can also be a bit painful to look at. Especially the wormhole sequences which had me having to shut my eyes from the frequency of the bright colors.

The word puzzles, which need to be solved in order to unlock more of the story can be a bit frustrating as well. The puzzles themselves are not particularly difficult, deciphering them can also be another strain on the eyes.

I would also personally recommend avoiding playing the game with a keyboard and opt for a standard controller setup.

Final thoughts

While Jettomero: Hero of the Galaxy may not be for everyone, I'm glad I took the time to give it a try. Despite its flaws, I was genuinely impressed by Jettomero's visual aesthetics and charming premise. Games that focus on being a more relaxing experience are hard to come by, which makes them all the more worth checking out. If the medium is going to continue to grow, all avenues of gameplay will need to be explored. Jettomero may just be another step in that exploration.

FORMATSXbox One, Linux, MacOS, Windows
FROM Ghost Time Games
RATINGT for Teen

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