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'Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse' Teaser Trailer Swings In

Of all the animated movies currently in production, one of the most mysterious was the Untitled Spider-Man animated movie. While there has been no shortage of Spider-Man movies in live-action (with three different incarnations within 15 years) this promised to be something different. Not least because of the talent involved- Phil Lord and Chris Miller were or board as writers/producers and Rise Of The Guardians director Peter Ramsey signed on to direct alongside Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rotham.

Now the title has been revealed as Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and we've got our first look a footage, our excitement has only grown. As has already been confirmed, the animated movie will centre on Miles Morales,  the character created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli to take over the role of Spidey in the Ultimate Universe. The name also suggests a link to Spider-Verse, a run of the comics which features multiple incarnations of Spider-Man. This is supported by a scene in which Morales is seen talking to another figure and asks "wait, so how many are there of us are there?" Could this figure be an older Peter Parker? Another scene appears to show Morales at Parker's grave, but considering the possibility of parallel universes and realities, we wouldn't say that rules anything out.

The idea of an animated action movie coming from a major Hollywood studio is an exciting one, and the animation style of this makes it all the more so. The CGI has a unique look that combines with elements of 2D art to create something that could come directly from the pages of the comics.

It also has an intriguing tone: it's a few shades darker than Lord and Miller's usual fare (Lego Batman this is not) but still retains a sense of fun an irreverence- check out Miles slightly less than smooth swinging style for starters!

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse will swing into your friendly neighbourhood cinema in December 2018. Check out the trailer below!