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Kickstart This: 'How We Crafted: Volume 1'

You may or may not be aware of Craft, a unique membership site that allows you to see exclusive behind the scenes material of various independent animated films, series, video games and graphic novels (we took a look here). Now the people behind it have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their first artbook, How We Crafted.

The book has a similar mission to the site itself, and will "explore the process behind great behind great indie animation and illustration projects". It will feature insight into the production of 12 different projects and will include interviews with creators including Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey, Hugh Welchmann, Paul Young, and Pernille ├śrum.

The projects featured include Song Of The Sea, Loving Vincent, The Secret Of Kells and The Breadwinner. Some of the other projects we may not be as familiar with, but they look like they will be equally worth keeping an eye on.

The book will be around 176 pages long, consisting of 12 chapters (one per project). Each tier also includes a digital extension with access to exclusive online content. Some rewards also include a reduced subscription to the Craft site.

Not only will you be getting a wonderful looking book, but you'll also be helping support the creators, as 50% of the profit will go back to the artists and studios taking part. There are some pretty incredible rewards too, including the chance to have a 1-hour interview session with one of the creators. The basic package with the book and digital extension is $35 ($25 early bird) of $10 for the digital copy.

If you're interested in getting a copy head to the campaign page today! The project will run until Thursday, February 8.