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Web Animation Watch: 'Fantastia Dei Gatti', 'Kanamewo' and more

The Internet has been a wonderful thing for animators, making it easier than ever before for them to get their stuff out there. But in this new wild frontier how are you supposed to know where to find the good stuff? Here at AFA's Web Animation Watch, we try to make that a little easier, bringing you the best in online animation, new and old. Welcome to the first edition for 2018!

Have you produced something that you think we could feature in a future iteration? Or just found something you think we should take a look at? Drop us a line today!


This is an absolutely beautiful piece of animation from Japanese animator Rapparu, which puts a fresh spin on a story that recalls Ponyo and Lu Over The Wall. A young woman finds a magical creature and takes her home. However, the woman is no clean-cut anime heroine and this goes to some places that those films would not (making it somewhat NSFW too).

Punk Rock Karate Rabbits

From those wags at AOK comes this smart cartoon parody. Anyone familiar with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (in particular the 80's/90's version) will get a kick out of this, from the theme song down to the pitch-perfect voice acting. 

Rocket To The Moon

This cute story from filmmakers  Ferdinan Linardi, Jesslyn Kosasih, and Rachel Audrey follows a little mouse who dreams of heading to the moon. While the animation itself can be pretty limited at times, it has a lovely visual style and real heart too. Adorable theme song too!

Fantastia Dei Gatti | Paganini Caprice No. 17

Classical music and animation go way back, so this inventive short from Paul Glickman and producer Augustin Hadelich is drawing on a rich tradition. It sees a mysterious musician- an animated version of Hadelich, who is a real-life violinst- put on an impromptu performance, with the help of a troop of street-cats.  Thanks to Isla for drawing our attention to this brilliant short!