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Introducing The AFA Gaming Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of an all-new Podcast series, The AFA Gaming Podcast! The Podcast that explores the realm of video games/interactive media and the animation that brings them to life.

After a few minor introductions/reintroductions from our hosts, Rachael and Chris, we kick off the first installment of the Game Roundtable. A casual discussion of video games played recently by our commentators. This can include games recently released or games that are several decades old.

We start with the hit action/adventure title of 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn (26.00). Following close behind is a discussion of Abzu, the first game created by Giant Squid Games and its ability to recreate the ocean environment (49:33). Back to the action-adventure genre, we take a look at Naughty Dog's return to the Uncharted franchise with The Lost Legacy and its fantastic female leads (1:04:28). Lastly, we head underground to delve into the Steam hit, Subsurface Circular, a game that relies on well-crafted dialogue and animation to tell an intriguing sci-fi mystery (1:15:06).

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