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'Chuck Steel' Exhibition Opens At Cardiff Animation Festival

2018 is shaping up to be something of a banner year for stop-motion features. In the first half of the year Nick Park's Early Man and Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs- both made in the UK- have hit cinema screens.  Chuck Steel: Night Of The Trampires may not be as high profile as the other two features but it looks no less exciting for that.

Chuck Steel first appeared in the 80's action-movie parody Raging Balls Of Steel Justice, and we've been waiting for his return ever since. That return is coming in the form of a feature-length follow-up, this time with a supernatural twist.

Having had the chance to see some behind-the-scenes footage ourselves, we can confirm that this is going to be on a much bigger scale than anything seen in the short. The idea of making a stop-motion action movie is an ambitious one- but this is looking to be very exciting indeed.

Despite All-American appearances, the movie is being produced at Animortal Studios in the unlikely location of Bridgend, Wales. Attendees to the Cardiff Animation Festival, which runs from April 19-22 can get an exclusive chance to come face-to-face with puppets and sets from the film and get a peek behind the scenes of the production. The exhibition is at Chapter, Cardiff and entry is free.  Opening hours vary, check the website for details.

Director Mike Mort, alongside Art Director Bridget Phelan, Animation Supervisor Darren Thompson and Producer Randhir Singh, will be taking part in A Night With The Trampires on Friday 20. The talk will give you an even better insight into the production of the movie.

The Cardiff Animation Festival is part of Anim18, a UK-wide celebration of Animation running from April to November.

Chuck Steel's exact release date is still to be announced but is expected sometime in 2018.

Bridget Phelan

Director Mike Mort