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'Rick And Morty' Renewed For 70 More Episodes

Considering the massive success of Rick And Morty, it was slightly puzzling that the series had yet to be renewed for a fourth season. Surely Adult Swim wouldn't let their biggest show go at the height of its popularity? After all, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's sci-fi sitcom is now the most watched comedy on US Television.

Whatever the reason for the hold up, it has now finally been announced that the show has been renewed. However, the news is bigger than that, as the new deal is not just for a single season.. or even two. The deal is in fact for a massive 70 episodes. That will take the series' run up to a total of 101 episodes.

It hasn't been explicitly stated, but that would suggest a further 7 seasons if they stick to the format of 10 episode seasons that the show has had thus far. It also doesn't tell us how long it will be before season four arrives. Fans will be hoping that it won't be another two year wait between seasons, as there was between seasons two and three.

The deal is apparently part of an overall deal between the network and Harmon and Roiland. It's not yet clear what this will entail but presumably could lead to further shows from the duo beyond Rick and Morty.

To celebrate the news, Roiland himself drew a sketch featuring the eponymous pair- check it out below.