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Crowdfund This: 'The Inventor Of Happiness'

The Inventor Of Happiness is a stop-motion animated film from British filmmaker Baz Sells. Set in a time when the world is gripped by a global depression, one inventor sets out to build a machine that will create happiness.

As the pitch explains: "One by one, the inventor feeds his possessions into the machine to determine a result of happiness or sadness but soon finds his experiment consuming more than he bargained for As his hopes of happiness disappear along with his possessions, his methods take a sinister turn. An unexpected discovery lies ahead but it's not the kind he'll make alone!"

The film is inspired by the team's lives and relationships and explores themes of happiness and mental health that are universal. It started life as a project at film school, with a team that had little to no animation experience. Although the team has changed over the years and they have faced many setbacks they have continued to work on the film.

With the crew no longer having access to their original sets, they were able to construct a new one thanks to 2014 a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, through considerable work and personal investment, they have secured a small studio in Manchester and purchased the software and equipment they need to produce the final scenes. They are now just three minutes away from completing the film.

The Inventor Of Happiness team have now again turned to crowdfunding -this time via IndieGoGo- to help them complete the final stretch of this years-long labour of love. They are seeking £4,500 (around $5,714) which will allow them to work on the film full time and bring in an animation and post-production crew.

Perks include a digital download of the film (for £5.00) scripts, and even the opportunity to own a prop or character from the film.

If you would like to find out more and maybe pledge your support, head over to the campaign page now. The campaign will close on August 30  and has a flexible goal.