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Interview: Daniel Logan (Star Wars)

Wizard World Comic Con in Columbus, OH (2018): AFA writer and Artist-in-Residence Ali Cat has an amazingly fun conversation with Daniel Logan, the incredibly talented actor who has played Boba Fett in the Star Wars Universe -in both live-action and animation.

In his exclusive interview with AFA, Daniel discusses everything from his take on how he landed the role of Boba to his experience with voiceover work. Also, Ali Cat gets an “inside look” at one of the coolest props to come from a galaxy far, far away.

Here’s what he had to say:

How did you land the coveted role of Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II? 

It was very strange because I grew up in New Zealand...the audition process came to New Zealand. My agent was actually allowed to put two names down from her agency. So, when she called me and said she put my name out for the audition, she was hyperventilating, couldn’t barely breathe. So when I asked her why she was so excited about it, she said, “I got you an audition for Star Wars!”

And I had never heard of Star Wars at the time. Growing up in New Zealand, Star Wars never came by on TV. And it was also between the episodes of one and six, so there were sixteen years between those where there was no Star Wars. That’s when I grew up. 

So when I went along for the audition, I auditioned out of thousands of kids worldwide. And it was funny because I believe I was the only kid that said I had never seen Star Wars. But Jeremy Bulloch (who played the original Boba Fett) said to me, “Think about all those thousands of kids that George Lucas had to watch. He probably needed to go to the restroom, probably needed to take a break. So he paused on your big, fat face. When he got back, he got sick and tired of watching the videos and said ‘this kid will do…just call him!’”

So, I don’t know how I got the role, but I auditioned once…one audition and they chose me. 

How did you feel when you got the role? What was your reaction?

I was very excited because we grew up very poor. My mother raised six kids on welfare, so I knew I was going to be able to bring money back to the house…but I didn’t realize what it was going to do for my life and the changing of a career. It wasn’t until I went to my first convention that I realized how big Star Wars was and the fan base of this movie. 

Back in the early 2000s, new Star Wars fans and original fans were excited that Boba had made an appearance in the film. Not only did we have him in Star Wars again, but we were also able to see him grow up. 

And you get to see the face behind the mask after all these years. 

And I think, you know, growing up a big fan of Star Wars and Boba Fett…now that I’ve been in the movie…I tend to see that the original actors really didn’t want to see the face. They wanted the character to stay mysterious, but they didn’t realize there was a new generation coming to Star Wars, which was their kids. And their kids didn’t really care about a guy in a mask who put Han Solo in carbonite. 

They wanted to know who their Boba Fett was. He became a kid who followed his father around the galaxy, becoming the two bad guys in the movie. You saw a connection between where Boba Fett came from and why he became what he did become in the future. 

Daniel Logan and Temeura Morrison in Costume

And that is something else I’m glad you brought up. In the film, you seemed to share a very strong bond with Temeura Morrison, who played Jango Fett. I’m sure a lot of fans would also want to know how you worked to form that father-son relationship. 

The first day that I met him, he says to me, “I guess you’re going to be playing my son. I’ll be playing your dad. You call me dad, and I’ll call you son.

So my reply back to him was, “Okay, Dad.”

And it was just like that?

It was a father-son bond. 

You make it feel so believable in the movie. 

Thank you! And I think when you have that chemistry off set, you can bring that back on the set, and it’s still natural. Off set, we were following each other around like father and son. He would protect me and guide me and tell me not to do that…when to sit, when not to sit…So, we did really have that, and we still do today. 

We don’t have so much of a father-son bond, but we have an uncle and a nephew bond. Every time I got back to New Zealand, I take the time to go visit him. He takes the time to open his house up to me and my family. We travel the world together today. He’s just a really phenomenal, great guy. 

I’m sure there’s many children who, at the time, were thinking, “This is a dream come true!” to build all these wonderful relationships and to be in Star Wars. 

Yeah. I had a lot of people come straight out of the gate saying, “I’m jealous! I wish I was you!”

Now, looking back at what I was given, I would probably be the same time of person, especially if I was a fan from the originals. Everybody wanted to be the kid that I was. I just happened to be touched by George Lucas at the right time, and he gave me the opportunity to change my life. 

Something you voiced excitement over was that you were called back to work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Something that the AFA team was excited about was the return of Boba Fett. 

And then they just canceled it on us real quick, you know? And that was the sad part. 

We just started seeing where Boba was starting to go and starting to see how he got the armor and how he got the strength and the courage to face the galaxy alone. As we saw in the last Han Solo film, it’s showing the prequels are something we can come back to, you know what I mean? Hopefully, you never know where it’ll pick up in the galaxy in the next standalone film. 

I don’t think many people understood the history Boba Fett had until that iconic moment in the second Star Wars film, without giving away any spoilers. 

And that was the thing. That wasn’t the last time we were meant to see Boba. That was only one of five or six episodes that were meant to be released, that didn’t get released. So we started seeing Boba take on the galaxy in a whole other way that we never got to see before. 

Did you feel that there was a difference between voice acting and acting in front of a camera? Did you enjoy one over the other?

I like to move. You know. When I talk to you, I express myself through movement. 

With a cartoon, with something like the Clone Wars, you have a microphone that you have to speak to, but if you move to talk to this person or move to talk to that person…you’re losing the power of the voice. That voice should always be there on that mic. 

When I move, you can hear the T-shirt moving through the mic. So you literally have to stay still while speaking and saying these lines to make people believe you’re that character in that situation.

There are rumors that a Boba Fett movie is in the works. If you had the opportunity to play Boba Fett in that movie, would you take it?

In a heartbeat. 

To get back to Star Wars and Boba Fett and the fans that have supported me for these many years, I would do it in a heartbeat. 

How does it feel to know that this character has become a part of you? 

It’s very honorable. You come to things like conventions and you never know if someone’s going to come up and say, “Hi, how are you today?” 

Thank God for Star Wars, George Lucas, and Boba Fett. I’m just grateful to the whole entire Lucasfilm company and especially George Lucas for giving me the opportunity to play Boba. And if I get to reprise him again, you never know where that bounty will go. 

I’m praying! 

Well, so are we!

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