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Kickstart This: 'Marimo Magazine' Issue 2

Marimo is an independent animation magazine aimed at enthusiasts and professionals alike. Dreamt up by Adeline Marteil and Ingrid Mengdehl, it's a publication founded on the idea that an animation magazine should be as beautiful as the subjects it covers. It's described as "more like an artbook than a traditional magazine" and is packed full of beautiful original art from a selection of talented artists.

The first issue has already been released. It was published in a bilingual format, with text in both English and French. Funding such an ambitious publication, with such high production values is a challenge, so to publish the second issue, Marimo has launched a Kickstarter.

Each issue will be themed. The second issue is on Phantasmagoria, and will include articles on Laika, Phantom Boy, The Adams Family,  Ray Harryhausen and more.

The project is looking to raise €10,000, which will go towards print costs and paying contributors. If they exceed the base goal, a stretch goal has been set to include French translations. €12 will net you a print copy of the magazine, with €22 securing copies of both issues so far.  If you'd settle for a digital copy, that will set you back just €5. Other rewards include pins, postcards, tote bags and more.

It won't surprise our regular readers that we are excited about this project- as Marimo's mission is very much like our own.

Marimo’s goal is to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for everyone, from young students, to casual animation viewers, to professionals wanting to learn more about the processes and artists in their industry.
Animation is for everyone, young or old, serious, humorous, adventurous, and every person and personality in between. We invite you to join us on our journey to discover the previously unexplored facets of the animation industry, and fall in love with new ideas and the ever-changing realm of animation.

If you would like to support this project head on over to the campaign page now. The campaign runs until October 15.