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Saturday Morning Cartoon Club Podcast: Danger Mice

This week we've got something different for you- we present to you an episode of Saturday Morning Cartoon Club. This is our premium podcast, in which we talk about the cartoons we grew up or sometimes the modern ones which carry on their spirit! If you want to hear new episodes as they are released, become a Patron today!

Grab your cereal and put on your PJs it's time for another episode of our new premium podcast Saturday Morning Cartoon Club! Following on from our  Pilot episode, the new episodes will be premiering exclusively via Patreon!

In the new episode, Chris introduces Rachael to the joys of the British animated series Danger Mouse! We talk about both the 1980's original and the 2015 reboot... good grief!

You can find episodes of the original series on YouTube via Flashback TV Kids or on Netflix UK and the new series is available on Netflix in both the UK and US!

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