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Web Animation Watch: 'Shooting Star', 'Captain 3d' 'Pharaoh' and More

Welcome back to yet another edition of Web Animation Watch, where we feature the best in online animation. This time we've got a real range of animation styles- from movie quality CG, to 2D. to stop-motion. It's one of our most packed editions yet!

If you've created or found something you think we should feature in a future edition of Web Animation Watch then drop us a line today.


This is an incredibly impressive CGI film about a (very) young Egyptian Queen who has to make some very tough decisions. Although this looks like it could be a high-end Disney or Pixar short, it goes to some dramatic places that would probably be considered a step too far for those studios. Created by Derrick Forkel and Mitchell Jao at the School of Visual Arts.

Pharaoh - short film from Pharaoh short film on Vimeo.

Spongebob Avengers: Squidward Maw

Could this be the most ambitious crossover event in history? Probably not, but this unexpected mashup of Spongebob Squarepants and Avengers: Infinity War is pretty funny. Coming from those mashup masters at mashed, we'd expect nothing less. Full marks to animator Liam McKeown for a spot-on recreation of the original show.

Rocket Adrift: Psycho-Analyze Me, Please 

The team behind the excellent sitcom Rocket Adrift have announced that, sadly, they will not be continuing the series. But we have confidence we haven't heard the last of them and expect great things. In the meantime, here is one more episode with the continuing exploits of housemates Kristen, Skylar and Kelly.

Shooting Star: Overwatch Animated Short

It's 2018 and Blizard are still surprising us with new Overwatch animated shorts. We've written in numerous columns about how great they are, and this latest, featuring fan favourite character D.Va is no exception. Even if you couldn't care less about the game itself, there's enough of these brilliant shorts by now to fill a movie.

Captain 3D

A pint-sized superhero saves the day in this inspired stop-motion short from France. Starting with our hero bursting from a comic book page and into the real world, this has some incredible stop-motion action, and proves that visual humour transcends the language barrier. Ce'st Magnifique!

CAPTAIN 3D from Patator on Vimeo.

Weebl and Bob: Old Skooled

If you've been watching web animation for a long time, you probably remember Weebl and Bob,  the wobbling, mumbling, pie-loving characters created by Mr Weebl. And now they're back- this time giving old-skool rap battles a try. As funny as ever.