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Animation Is Film Festival 2018

I've had the wonderful opportunity to attend the second Animation is Film Festival over the weekend. This is definitely a highlight of this year because I was able to watch some incredible films and most of them had a Q and A with the filmmakers. Plus I had the honor of meeting many people of the industry.

The first movie I saw was Mirai, directed by Mamoru Hosada. The movie is about a young boy feeling neglected after his little sister is born. He starts acting out and each time he does, he ends up in a time-traveling adventure where he learns something new and to deal with his own emotions and adjust to this new family dynamic. It's an interesting take on this type of story because everyone in the family has some sort of development and are taught to appreciate even the little things in life.

The next film was Pachamama, directed by Juan Antin. It's about a boy dreaming of being a shaman, set during Incan times. It's a visually stunning movie that makes you gain more appreciation for Mother Nature. It's a reminder to respect the Earth and to treat it well. Also, it's a boy learning to become less stubborn and more selfless.


FUNAN, directed by Denis Do, was a winner for the festival since its captivated both the jury and audience. It was definitely the best film I have seen so far. We follow the story with a woman trying to reunite with her son and keeping her family together during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia during the 1970s. It was a powerful film to watch. I had actually planned to go to another screening until I was recommended to see this instead and I'm glad I did see this instead.

I attended the Behind the Scenes for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, I may not be at liberty to spoil anything I have seen but I can say it will be amazing. The animation alone was enough to convince me to see it. The last screening I attended was the Prince of Egypt. I never saw it on the big screen since I was three years old when the movie released. So this was a great experience to watch this movie with a friend but we also sat next to one of the directors, Simon Wells!

This festival is starting out strong and I highly recommend this to everyone who loves animation.


Animation Is Film Prize Winners

Grand Prize: Funan-  Directed by Denis Do

Special Jury Prize: Bunuel In The Labyrinth Of The Turtles- Directed by Salvador Simo

Audience Award: Funan-  Directed by Denis Do

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