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Warner Bros Animation Working on 'Tom and Jerry' 'Jetsons' 'Space Jam 2' and More

Of all the major studios, Warner Bros has one of the richest histories in animation- perhaps second only to Disney. The studio brought us classics like Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies,  and later became home to the Hanna-Barbera characters such as Scooby Doo and The Flinstones. With such an embarrassment of riches at their disposal, it's hardly surprising that the studio is looking to this past to find their future films.

Despite the success of The Lego Movie and to a lesser extent Lego Batman, Warner's more recent animation releases have hardly set the world alight. Outside of Lego, neither Storks or Smallfoot have proven particularly successful so the studio is seemingly seeing more established characters as a safe bet. It's planning on reviving several of its most popular characters, in a mix of fully animated and live-action/ animation hybrids.

We've known about the animated Scooby Doo movie for some time. Chris Columbus (director of the first two Harry Potter movies) recently signed on to the project as a creative producer. It's expected to release during 2020.

Also previously announced is an animated-live-action hybrid movie Wile E Coyote Vs ACME, with Lego Batman director Chris McKay involved, and the Space Jam sequel with LeBron James.

Freshly announced however is a movie starring the iconic cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry. Tim Story- director of Ride Along and Fantastic Four- has signed on to direct a live-action-animation hybrid movie that will enter production in 2019.

Also in production is an animated adaptation of The Jetsons, directed by Sausage Party's Conrad Vernon and written by Matt Lieberman and movies based on The Flinstones and Wacky Races.

When we first reported on the Scooby Doo movie, Warner Bros were plotting some kind of a shared universe for the Hanna -Barbera characters. We're not sure if this is still the case, but crossovers were common in the originals so it would not seem out of place.

Are you excited to see new takes on these classic characters? Or are they best left in the past. let us know in the comments or via our usual social media channels.