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Play This! Deltarune Demo

Welcome to the first installment of this new AFA Gaming miniseries, "Play This!"

Much like our "Watch This!" series, "Play This!" will be short recommendations of games/demo's that we have recently had the opportunity to play. Keep in mind, we may not have played the game to completion but have seen enough to encourage us to share these games and what makes them special. We hope you enjoy this first piece and ones yet to come!

Some gamers may remember, back in fall of 2015, an independent game developer, known as Toby Fox, released a roleplaying adventure game. The game, Undertale, took the indie community by storm. Igniting a legion of passionate fans who continue to find new things to enjoy each time they play the game. Undertale has been praised the world over for its inventive mechanics regarding turned based battle and displaying morality in a video game. All the way having a quirky sense of humor reminiscent of the Mother series that inspired it.

Now, three years later, Toby has begun to reveal his latest project, Deltarune.

Though the game is far from finished, Toby has released an extensive demo of his new project for Undertale fans and newcomers to experience. Introducing us to brand new characters and even alternate reality versions of the original Undertale cast. Aside from these cameos, however, there is little that ties Deltarune to the world present in Undertale, so it cannot be called a direct sequel or prequel. The message of the game also promises to take a very different direction. Stating early off that while you can make choices in how you play, ultimately those choices will not matter. It is still too early in the game's development to grasp what this will mean for the completed game, Toby's ability to subvert expectation through game mechanics is as prominent as ever.

As animation goes, both Deltarune and it's predecessor didn't have much to offer in dynamic sprite animation (since it is mostly a one-man project, that is to be expected). However, credit must be given for to Toby and his small team to animate the right scenes in order to punctuate certain moments of the story. Sudden bursts of animation high-quality sprite animation to where there is limited variety can make even skeptical gamers sit up and pay attention.

It may take quite a while before the full version of Deltarune will be released to the public. Toby himself has admitted that he will require a full team this time around compared to Undertale. However, for a first sample of what is to come, Deltarune has a tone of fun and exciting moments that fans of Undertale will be eagerly anticipating a confirmed release date. Whenever that may be.