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Beyond Spider-Verse: Potential Spin-Offs And Sequels

In Spider-Man's 56 year history, he has been Marvel's most popular character creating numerous TV shows, movies, video games and cartoons and according to the laws of the multiverse. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is most people's first glimpse into all the different ideas and variations of Spider-man over the years.

Now, Spider-Verse is 5 stars out of 5.  What they choose to do with the visuals alone should win them an award. Also, each character is animated in a different stylet related to heir specific universe which is a nice way to show they're somewhere they don't really belong. But I don't want to talk about this movie, I want to talk about where Sony can go from here. We're already getting reports that the film has a sequel and a female-led spin-off featuring Spider-Gwen in the works. But where else could they take future spin-offs and sequels? Join me, your friendly neighborhood Spider-fan, as I take you through some I'd like to see!

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Spider-man Into The Spider-Verse, (and some Spider-man comics)

The Amazing Spider Family

I'd like to see an adult Peter Parker raising a kid with MJ. There are two contenders they can use. Back in the late 90s Marvel had this line called the MU2.

In that reality, Peter and MJ did have a kid called Mayday Parker. It was decided that in the original timeline that MJ would miscarry because the people at Marvel decided they didn't want to make Peter a father but why not make a new universe?

That line lasted for a good long while but unfortunately, Mayday's run came to an end. BUT ... comics do have a way of being cyclical. The issue of Peter and MJ wanting kids came up again and Marvel again decided not in the original timeline but like they did before with Mayday and came up with another universe. And if I'm being honest, I would choose this reality mainly because MJ gets Superpowers and we have a whole family of Supers!Who doesn't want to see Peter Parker fight crime side by side with his lovely wife and daughter?

Peni Parker

Another Spin-off that I want to see them do is Peni Parker.
She just looks so cute and I love the fact that she was always snacking in the movie. Her animation was just so out of place in the movie because they were going for the look of an anime character.
Not only am I a huge fan of anime but the anime series that inspired Peni's reality is none other than Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Who doesn't like Mechas? Giant Robots? 

Peni's reality promises all of that. And a bit of icing on the cake would be if it was accompanied by a Peter Porker cartoon short. Just as Pixar and Disney movies are always preceded by a short- if they can do it, so can Sony! Spider-Ham- at least as depicted in the movie- really lends himself to Looney Tunes style animation.

Now as for a sequel to Miles's story. I couldn't help but noticed that the Peter Parker that died (played by Chris Pine) was blond.

Long time Spider-fans know that Blond means Ben Reily aka Peter Parker's CLONE. Which means the clone saga might have happened in that reality, which means that this might be a possibility:

Could young Miles Morales run into a female clone of Peter Parker? Where she trains Miles to better use his powers in espionage? The first movie he learns how to be a superhero and in the second movie he learns how to be a spy.

I think that would be exciting to see. In the comics, she's an agent of Shield- but it seems that Shield doesn't exist in Miles's world. Maybe she works for Interpol in that reality? And the number one thing I hope they do but I know they won't. 

Doctor Octopus

In the comic, the original Doc Ock took over the mind of Peter Parker but in doing so he also got his sense of responsibility. Peter, spider powers or no, will always choose to do what he can to help. In fact, there's even a What-if comic about that.

We all have a responsibility to our fellow men which is what Doctor Octopus learned from Peter and he vowed to not only carry on in Peter's name but to be a better (Superior) Spider-Man.

And you know what? It was an awesome read. I would love to see this female Doc Ock fight crime especially since I see her as a cross between The Magic Schoolbus's Miss Frizzle and Lady Ock.

The new Doc Ock in the movie was just so much fun and I just can help but think of her as a combination between those two. If Sony wants to do a Venom movie and a Kraven the Hunter movie down the line then surely an anti-hero Doc Ock that reminds people of Miss Frizzle (well at least for me) should get their own movie. 

I dub you Frizzle-Ock and I hope to see more of you in the future. Villain or Good Guy... (er.. Girl ) you left me wanting more.

Sony has opened the door for hundreds of possibilities by bringing in the multiverse. In fact, in my (self-proclaimed) expert comic book opinion, Spidey probably has the most What-if stories written about him.

There's a version where he fights crime with his Uncle Ben, there's a version where he worked with Doc Ock and gave himself Spider-legs to fight crime. A version where he combined with Super Boy from the DC Universe. There are so many different version of Spider-Man and Peter Parker that how the people that made into the Spider-verse narrowed it down to the five that helped Miles is mind-blowing. I myself would have a tough time narrowing it down. 

But the future gives us many opportunities to hopefully see those spider-men (or spider-women or spider-pigs) that exist somewhere out there in the multiverse.  Because surely they all do exist... in our hearts.