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The AFA Gift Guide 2018

The festive season is here, but there's still time to do some shopping! Your friends here at AFA have thoughtfully compiled a list of potential gift ideas for the animation lover in your life (or maybe to stick on your own Christmas wish list!)

Below you'll find a selection of movies and books that we think you can't go wrong with. We've included Amazon links for customers in the US and UK, but of course, other retailers are available!

(Affiliate links used where available)


Incredibles 2- Available on Blu-Ray, DVD, 3D Blu-Ray, Digital and 4K
Saying that Brad Bird's sequel was eagerly anticipated would be an understatement. The Parr family's return after 14 years went on to become the US's highest grossing animated movie of all time. It features some fantastic action sequences and characters who are as relatable as ever, even if the superhero plot itself is nothing revolutionary.
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The Breadwinner- Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital
Director Nora Twomey earned Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon their third Oscar nomination for this adaptation of Debra Ellis's children's novel. Following 11-year old Parvanna as she disguises herself as a boy to provide for her family in Taliban controlled Afghanistan, this is a world away from Cartoon Saloon's other films and a must-see for any animation fan.
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CocoAvailable on Blu-Ray, DVD, 3D Blu-Ray, Digital and 4K
Pixar's 2018 Oscar winner is a love-letter to Mexican culture and traditions. But you don't need to know anything about día de los muertos (The Day Of The Dead) or any other of the culturally specific elements to enjoy this. Probably Pixar's most visually stunning movie to date, it's also one of the most moving- it even puts the opening of Up to shame.
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The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales- Available on DVD (UK only)
Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert's feature reunites many of those responsible for Ernest and Celestine, to adapt Renner's own graphic novel.  Featuring a charming visual style and lovable characters, it's a perfect showcase for the unique appeals of hand-drawn animation over its flashier cousins.
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Early Man- Available on Blu-Ray, DVD,  Digital and 4K
Aardman Animation's new stop-motion feature saw Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park make his solo directorial debut. Following a tribe of stone age humans as they take on a team from the technologically advanced Bronze tribe in an early game of football. Full of typically Aardman humour (witty dialogue and visual gags alike) and made with a real back-to-basics old-school approach it's another win for Aardman.
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Loving Vincent- Available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital
This animated biography of Vincent Van Gogh is like no other animated movie you have ever seen. Using 1000's of paintings created in Van Gogh's style by a 115-strong team of painters, it's a film any animation fan needs to see.
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Mary and The Witch's Flower- Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital
Japan's Studio Ponoc's first feature is directed by When Marnie Was There director Hiromasa Yonebayashi and adapted from a 1970's British children's novel about a  young witch who enrols at a magic school.  Maybe it doesn't quite scale the heights of the Studio Ghibli films that it so closely resembles, but this is an incredibly charming, beautifully made film in its own right.
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Aardman: An Epic Journey Taken One Frame At A Time
Aardman founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton have written an "Autobiography" of the UK's most successful animation student. From their early days as students, right up to today as one of the most beloved names in animation, this book will reveal all.
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Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse: The Art Of The Movie
Take a look behind the scenes of this year's most intriguing mainstream animated release. Features concept art. final designs, artist commentary and unreleased storyboards.
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The Art Of Ralph Breaks The Internet
Get insight into the production of Disney's sequel to Wreck-It Ralph.  Contains never-before-seen concept art, character sketches, storyboards, and colour scripts, along with interviews with the production team.
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The Art Of Rick And Morty
Most of the animation 'Art Of' books relate to features, so it's pretty interesting to see one focussed on a TV series for a change. This gives readers a look at the production of the hit Adult Swim series, featuring "a vast collection of process, concept, and production art". Considering the world-building and visual invention that the series involves, this book should be a must-have for fans/
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How We Crafted
If you missed the Kickstarter campaign for this beautiful artbook from Craft- don't worry because it's now available to buy online. This is an artbook featuring work from 12 different indie projects including Loving Vincent, The Breadwinner, Song Of The Sea and even Tomm Moore's upcoming Wolfwalkers!
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