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Watch This! "toco toco - Koji Yamamura, Animator"

There can be little point in denying how much Japanese artists and creators have influenced the animation industry in recent years. However, while serialized anime series and films get the most attention in the west, there are still plenty of independent animators in Japan who are creating eye-popping short films that continue to push the boundaries of the medium. One such individual is Koji Yamamura, who was recently interviewed on the ongoing documentary series, "toco toco".

For those of who may be unaware of this series, toco toco is one of many video series featured on the Archipel Youtube channel. The channel specializes in its content focusing on Japan, from art, cooking features and ongoing various ongoing trends (including the vtuber movement and board games). What makes this channel's content stand out is the beautiful camera work and editing. Toco toco, in particular, has a wonderful feeling of catching a glimpse of their guests in their daily routine. Informing viewers not only more about the person in question but how their lives and experiences have influenced the work they are known for.

The interview with Koji Yamamura is no exception and is a wonderful glimpse into the life and influences of a talented man.

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