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'Dreams' Early Access Brings Animation and Game Creation to PS4

Media Molecule are a developer best know for the Little Big Planet series, a game that encouraged players to create and customise their own levels. Their new release Dreams is on a whole other level.

First revealed for PlayStation 4 at E3 way back in 2015, Dreams isn't really a game at all. Instead, it's a powerful tool that allows you to create games, animation, art, music, or pretty much anything you set your mind to. It features the ability to sculpt characters, props or environment in real time using a standard PS4 controller or Move motion controllers. You can create complex creations from scratch or customise existing elements. And when you're done, you can share it with the world, or keep it to yourself.

The game recently held a closed beta, and the first wave of creators proved the limitless potential of the software. People created everything from recreations of famous artworks or original characters, to a recreation of the legendary lost PS4 game P.T. It's now available in Early Acess from the PlayStation Store- but be warned places are limited.

It uses a user-friendly game style interface (your cursor is an 'imp') and features included video tutorials for basics and more advanced techniques. You can create in minutes, but it will take time to master. When you've created something you're proud of, you can share it with others in the Dreamiverse, where you can also browse the creations made by others.

Thanks to the Beta, there's already a thriving community of dreamers, creating amazing things. It's going to be very exciting when the finished game launches to see just what people all over the world can dream up! The release date for the full version has not yet been revealed at this time.