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Crowdfund This: Whibbits

Over the years we've featured dozens of animation crowdfunding campaigns on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but this is something a little different. Art tutor and animator James Pollit (alias Bitz Animation) has raised money for projects using more traditional methods before, but is now trying a much more original way to fund his planned film.

James's creations are Whibbits, puppets based on his pet whippits "and made from random stuff".  The whibbits have starred in several animated experiments and a five minute short. The metallic mutts are brought to life with some excellent stop-motion animation that captures canine behaviour perfectly.

Whibbits! A promotional film for a stop motion animated series from James Pollitt on Vimeo.

After his creations started attracting more attention, James discovered that there were others out there who wanted to get whibbits of their own. He then hit upon the idea that he could fund his work by selling them via his website. "I initially made a prototype/one-off dog to animate with in a short film," he told us. "Then I refined the design into something replicable. I used this design to make and sell replicas to help fund the project's development, making over 50 in total. "

There are currently six designs in total, that will be starring in short films during the next few months. Replica Whibbbits are currently unavailable, but you can buy a £40 supporters pack, an enamel badge, a limited edition storyboard or a T-shirt. Or for just £2 you can enter a raffle to win an original Whibbit of your own. If you just want to help support the project, donations are also accepted.

Visit the store if you want to support this project today!